The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awards a 100 percent disability rating to Veterans who are totally disabled and unable to work or care for themselves without assistance. Having a 100 percent disability rating is the highest rating awarded by the VA and gets the highest amount of compensation. This type of rating is not always awarded lightly. To get rated at 100 percent, certain criteria must be met by the Veteran. Our Veterans’ benefits attorney explains more about how to obtain a 100 percent VA disability rating.

How the VA Determines Ratings

Military Veteran Filling Out Paperwork at a Doctors OfficeThe VA assigns a certain percentage to a Veteran’s service-connected disability. This rating is based on the severity of the condition and is used to compensate Veterans for their disability. The VA’s schedule for rating disabilities assigns diagnostic codes and ratings for the specific condition. The highest rating given is 100 percent, which indicates that the disability is severe and prevents the Veteran from working and caring for themselves without assistance. To receive a rating of 100 percent, there must be sufficient evidence to support the severity of the service-connected condition. This can come from medical documentation as well as testimony from friends, family, co-workers, and others who can attest to the seriousness of the disability.

Combined Ratings

If a Veteran has more than one disability, the VA can give a combined disability rating. This rating can result in an overall higher rating. A combined rating does not just consist of the VA adding the two ratings together to get a combined total. Instead, it is based on specific calculations set forth by the VA and is based on percentages.

Total Disability Individual Unemployability

Another way to achieve a 100 percent rating is to be awarded Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU). TDIU provides compensation at a level that is equal to a 100 percent disability rating. This type of rating is given to Veterans who are unable to work due to their service-connected disability. To qualify for a 100 percent TDIU rating, the Veteran must have one disability rated at 60 percent or higher or two or more disabilities that have a combined rating of at least 70 percent, with one rated at 40 percent or higher. In addition, to qualify for TDIU, a Veteran must prove that they are unable to work full time and provide medical evidence that they are unable to work due to their disability. There are other factors as well that will be taken into consideration and used to make a final decision.

Temporary Rating

A Veteran may be awarded a temporary 100 percent rating if they have a service-connected condition that is expected to improve. A 100 percent temporary rating may also be given if the Veteran is hospitalized for more than 21 days or is having surgery for a service-connected condition.

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