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Disability benefits are some of the key benefits offered to veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The government provides what is known as Disability Compensation to wounded vets. These benefits are paid - and have been paid since the time of George Washington - to veterans for injuries or diseases that occurred while on active duty, or were made worse by active military service. These benefits are also paid to some veterans disabled due to negligence or malpractice by VA health care providers. These benefits are completely tax-free.

You may be eligible for disability compensation if you sustained a military service-related disability and you were discharged under honorable conditions. An experienced veterans lawyer can walk you through the process of obtaining benefits.

The amount of basic benefits paid depends on the severity of your disability.

Sometimes, you may be paid additional amounts, if, for instance:

  • You have very severe disabilities or loss of limbs.
  • You have a spouse, children, or dependent parents.
  • You have a seriously disabled spouse.

Benefits are available to vets of all wars from World War I to World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the current contretemps in the Middle East. For example, nearly 320,000 U.S. troops have incurred traumatic brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of them seemingly mild, according to a 2008 report by the RAND Corporation. They can receive compensation for their injuries incurred while protecting our country.

Veterans attorney Sean Kendall can help you apply for VA benefits today. Call us for help. We will work with you in filling out VA Form 21-526, Veterans Application for Compensation and/or Pension, and can help you with other aspects of obtaining benefits.

If your benefits claim has been denied, attorney Sean Kendall can help.  You need to file an appeal, also known as a notice of disagreement.

If you have any of the following materials, please have them available when you contact us:

  • Discharge or separation papers
  • Medical evidence, i.e. doctor and hospital reports
  • Copy of the VA decision or decisions denying or partially granting benefits.

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