US Veteran shaking hands with Virginian government official in front of Virginian FlagVeterans can obtain benefits, not only from the VA but from individual states as well. Each state has unique benefits for Veterans residing there, some based on a disability rating, and some not. Virginia offers Veterans a wide range of benefits, from education and job placement programs to free hunting and fishing licenses. Here, you will find a list of some, but not all, of the benefits that may be available to veterans in Virginia. 

Veteran Income Benefits

Virginia offers veterans many tax exemptions and deductions. Any VA pension, survivor's benefits payments, or disability benefits are not included as part of taxable income in Virginia. Any veteran receiving military retired pay can deduct $10,000 of it from their taxable income in 2022. This figure will increase by an additional $10,000 every year until 2025. 

Additional Tax Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans 

One hundred percent permanently and totally disabled veterans are not required to pay property tax on their homes and up to 1 acre of land. Their un-remarried surviving spouse also qualifies for this benefit. One hundred percent disabled veterans can also receive a tax exemption for one vehicle, including the buy and sale of that vehicle. 

Veteran Education Benefits

Veterans who left high school to serve in WW2, the Vietnam War, or the Korean War can receive an honorary Virginia high school diploma

Honorably discharged Veterans and their spouses and children living in Virginia can attend a public college or university with in-state tuition rates even if they do not meet the one-year residency requirement. 

Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program (VMSDEP)

This program grants financial assistance to a Veteran’s spouse or child attending a public Virginia college or university for eight semesters. 

Children and spouses of Veterans whose death or disability was directly caused by military operations may also be entitled to a stipend to offset the costs of books, room, and board. Waivers for all tuition costs and required fees are available to children and spouses of a veteran in certain cases. Permanently and totally disabled veterans qualify regardless of service connection for their disability. Children and spouses are also eligible for this type of waiver if the Veteran has a service-connected disability of at least 90% or if the Veteran was declared missing in action, taken prisoner of war at any time, or killed in action. 

Virginia Purple Star Designation Program for Military-Friendly Schools

Schools given this designation must provide resources and a specially trained liaison for military families in order to aid students with a connection to the armed forces. 

Veteran Employment Benefits 

Virginia Value Veterans (V3) Transitioning Program 

This program offers veterans and their spouses peer-to-peer mentorship in finding opportunities. The V3 program focuses on employment, education, and entrepreneurship. 

Virginia HIRE VETS NOW Fellowship Program

This program pairs current service members transitioning out of the military with a 6-12 week fellowship. Fellowships are offered in a variety of fields in the hope of easing a Veteran’s transition into a civilian career. Service members must apply within 18 months of separation in order to qualify and be paired with a fellowship. With commander approval, a service member can also choose to begin their fellowship 6 months prior to separation. 

Virginia Employment Commission (VEC)

The VEC works with active service members, veterans, and their spouses to provide training and work placements as well as networking and professional development opportunities. They also provide services for resume building and interview practice. Priority for these services may be impacted by a Veteran's type and length of service along with other factors. 

Veterans and their families may also be able to collect unemployment Insurance from the VEC for temporary financial assistance. 

Additional Hiring Benefits

Hiring preference is given to honorably discharged Veterans in Virginia. When a scored test is used, additional percentage points are added to a passing score. An additional 5-10% is available to Veterans and their family members. For Veterans with a service-connected disability, there are additional points available ranging from 10-30% which can be added to a passing score depending on the disability. In areas where no scored test is used in the hiring process, Virginia has outlined guidelines for Veterans to receive preference in other ways whenever possible.  

Identification and DMV Benefits

Virginia offers Veteran specific, as well as branch-specific, license plates and identification. Any Veteran with a permanent and total disability can receive free license plates with a disabled Veteran designation. These allow them to utilize any disabled parking areas with no other permission needed. Certain Veterans may qualify for a waiver of the Virginia Commercial Driver’s License test based on their military training and experience. 

Veteran Recreational Benefits

Veterans with any service-connected disability qualify for heavily discounted hunting or fishing licenses.

Permanently and totally disabled veterans may qualify for free lifetime fishing and hunting licenses. Nonresident Veterans with permanent and total disabilities may be eligible for lifetime Virginia hunting and freshwater fishing licenses for $10-$30. Veterans receiving medical care in Virginia can be issued an annual freshwater fishing license for between $12 and $24 or a restricted hunting license for under $60. 

Saltwater fishing and trapping licenses are also heavily discounted for Veterans with serious disabilities. 

Veterans Housing Benefits

Virginia currently has four Veterans care centers for those needing full-time nursing care, two of which were newly built and opened in 2022. To qualify for a space in one of these facilities, a Veteran must have received an honorable discharge and be a Virginia resident at the time of admission or at the time of their entry into the U.S. Armed Forces.

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