Veterans who return home from war often suffer service-connected disabilities that make it hard for them to find work again. If service-related injuries and disabilities are preventing you from working, you may be entitled to a veteran unemployability claim for benefits. Watch this video to learn more from a knowledgeable veterans attorney.  

The VA often misinforms veterans about the requirements to receive unemployability benefits — making veterans believe that they have be fully disabled and meet the total disability rating in order to qualify for VA benefits. However, this is not true. Veterans who have as low as a ten percent unemployability rating are entitled to VA benefits if their disability prevents them from being gainfully employed.

If you have a case for unemployability, please call Sean Kendall, a Boulder veterans attorney, for help making sure you have the proof you need to win your case. You will need letters from doctors, reports from vocational rehabilitation specialist, and the help of an experienced veterans benefits lawyer. Contact us today at (877) 699-1712 or (303) 449-4773 or online at