VA Knee Rating Guide

Disability ratings for in-service knee injuries are complex. Not many veterans are aware that there are four separate ratings that can be given to a knee injury:

  •  5260: limitation of flexion (bending knee down)
  •  5261: limitation of extension (extending knee back out to a straight leg)
  •  5257: instability
  •  5258: dislocated semilunar cartilage OR 5259: symptomatic removal of semilunar cartilage

These four ratings play into each other in interesting ways that may affect each of the other ratings.

We go over this information in depth throughout our downloadable report so that America's veterans can be as informed as possible when it comes to their knee-related VA claims and appeals. The veteran benefits attorneys at Sean Kendall Law have the expertise to guide you through these matters and the passion to ensure you receive the best care you can from the VA.

Questions Veterans Need Answered

You will find answers to the following questions our veterans disability benefits lawyers often hear from clients:

  • What is the minimum rating for knee pain?
  • What symptoms does the VA consider for knee ratings?
  • Do full or partial replacements affect my knee rating?

These are only a few questions answered in our VA Knee Rating Guide. There are more inside and a handy chart to breaking down the knee ratings schedule all American veterans can benefit from looking over.

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