Issue: Greater than 20 percent for service-connected narcolepsy with cataplexy.
Result: In the Board's September 2011 decision, entitlement to a 100 percent disability rating for service-connected narcolepsy with cataplexy was granted. Medical evidence and testimony to the Board was presented.
The Board held that "[a]fter carefully reviewing the record, the Board finds the Veteran's service-connected narcolepsy with cataplexy has increased in severity and more nearly approximates the level of disability contemplated by the 100 percent rating under the general rating formula for seizures.
In making this determination, the Board notes the evidence reflects that the Veteran's service-connected disability is manifested by cataplexic episodes of muscular weakness and loss of tone, which results in the Veteran falling to the ground despite being alert. The evidence shows that the cataplexic attacks are generally triggered by anxiety, happiness, and other emotional triggers, and that, following the attacks, the Veteran requires several minutes to get up."