An extra-schedular disability rating is used when a Veteran’s level of disability does not match the schedule standards set by the VA or if their condition is unique or requires additional treatment beyond what is typically expected and prevents them from working. If a Veteran is seeking additional compensation and believes that they may qualify for an extra-schedular rating, consulting with a Veterans affairs lawyer can help them navigate the appeal process and understand what is needed for their claim.

Criteria for Extra-Schedular Ratings

If a Veteran has unusual symptoms or a condition that does not meet the VA rating schedule, an extra-schedular rating may be awarded. This type of rating is used when a service-Veterans of All Ages Saluting the Flagconnected condition does not match the criteria used for the rating schedule set by the VA.

In cases where a condition or illness is unusual or requires frequent hospitalizations or treatment beyond what is typically expected for that specific disorder, an extra-schedular rating may be needed. If a Veteran has a combination of disabilities or has disabilities that make being employed a challenge and not always possible for them to work, they may be considered for Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) under the extra-schedular rating. They may need additional compensation due to the inability to work or earn an income.

To be eligible for an extra-schedular rating, the Veteran must be able to prove that the symptoms related to their condition are not the standard and require care beyond what is typically expected for that condition and rating. An example of a condition that meets the criteria for an extra-schedular rating is a back problem that is severe and prevents the Veteran from being able to work at a job they had been employed at previously due to the physical demands. This circumstance would grant the Veteran extra-schedular TDIU.

Consult with a disability lawyer to find out if you have a claim for an extra-schedular rating. You may qualify if the current standard schedule is not reflective of your specific disability symptoms.

Contact an Attorney to Find Out More

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