The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend Attorney Sean Kendall and his staff to anyone needing his legal services. As a Navy Combat Search and Pilot in Vietnam actively flying during the years of 1966 through 1971. I lost sixty three fellow Navy and Marine Corp soldiers to death in training and combat during these years.

In late August of 2004 these losses began to adversely impact my life in the form of survivors guilt. Now struggling with suicidal thoughts I became involved in the Denver VA. However this internal battle affected my health, career, marriage, and state of well being. Friends tried to help as well as representation from . . . . However there was no consistency.

Attorney Sean Kendall was recommended to me by a fellow vet who had been helped greatly. Where as representatives of the . . . . . . . had been "hit and miss" for me, Sean offered me the constancy I was looking for. He was a breath of fresh air in that I knew he and his staff would roll up their sleeves and would consistently do their best for me.

Most of us vets are clueless when it comes to the bureaucracy of the VA. Not knowing how or where to file for benefits most veterans are not tenacious enough to carry through. Yet, Sean and his staff methodically and patiently "pealed the onion," filing the necessary documents in a timely and correct fashion lead to a favorable outcome. Without Sean and his staff I am convinced I would not have had the same results had it not been for them.


George K.