Posted on Jul 02, 2013

Daniel Somers, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with PTSD, took his own life. His family and wife decided to release his last words in hopes that more can be done to help veterans with PTSD.

"Too trapped in a war to be at peace," Somers wrote, "too damaged to be at war." Somers described in detail the horrors he experienced at war and upon returning home. Suffering from PTSD, Somers questioned the government's lackluster services available to support veterans. "Where are the huge policy initiatives?" Somers wrote.

On average, twenty-two veterans commit suicide everyday. Men and women suffering from PTSD like Somers deserve expert care and services at all times. We must take action to stop this epidemic that continues to harm our patriots. A big part of this process invovled making sure veterans have access to the funds, services, and care they deserve. Contact us if you have questions about a veterans benefits claim.