Posted on Jul 29, 2013

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) victims continue to resist speaking out because of the potential for other than honorable or personality disorder-based discharges. Since 2001, 31,000 vets have been discharged because of a personality disorder. Yet many of these soldiers suffered sexual violence in the military and deal with PTSD symptoms associated with their trauma. These discharges often strip veterans of important VA benefits--including pensions, educational benefits, medical care, and more.

These types of discharges appear to be another means for the military to sweep the MST issue under the rug. Veterans recently testified before Congress on the issue. Instead of ignoring the issue, the VA and the military need to provide services for victims. "Why is PTSD related to sexual assault so long lasting?" an vet stated in front of Congress earlier this month, "Its because it is not properly treated or dealt with." For more on the testimonials vets presented before Congress, follow the link below.

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