A Compensation & Pension exam (C&P exam) is a medical exam used to assess a Veteran’s symptoms in order to determine the amount of benefits or pension they will receive. It is done as part of the initial disability claim process and is scheduled by the VA to verify a service-connected condition. A C&P exam may also be ordered if there is a request to increase disability benefits or if a re-evaluation of a case is needed to maintain benefits. Veterans who have a presumptive condition such as one that resulted from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam are not required to attend a C&P exam.

Failing to Attend a C&P Exam

Missed Appointment Word Blocks and a StethoscopeIf you are scheduled for a C&P exam and fail to attend, your disability benefits may be denied. If you are unable to make your scheduled exam, you will need to notify the VA immediately to reschedule. In cases where you do not notify the VA and miss your scheduled exam, your benefits may be immediately denied. Failing to attend a C&P exam will only hurt your case and you may not be able to receive benefits.

A Veteran that misses an exam appointment will need to provide proof of a good cause to the VA, or it can hurt their claim. In cases where there is just good cause, failing to attend a C&P exam will not be held against or affect your benefits. The following reasons are considered good causes for missing an exam:

  • Hospitalization or illness of the Veteran
  • Unexpected death of an immediate family member

If a C&P exam is scheduled due to a reduction in disability benefits and you miss the exam, the VA will move forward with the reduction.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you need assistance with applying for VA disability benefits or have been denied a claim, contact an experienced Veterans affairs attorney to help navigate the process. Contact the office of Sean Kendall, Attorney-at-Law for a free, no-obligation consultation today. Our experienced disability benefits attorneys can evaluate your case and help with your claim to make sure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.