The VA 5-year rule protects your disability claim by not allowing the VA to reduce your disability rating unless your condition has significantly improved over time. This rule pertains to a rating that has been in effect for five years or longer. After a five-year period, the rating is considered a stabilized rating.

Changes to Your Disability Rating

United States Armed Forces Tags and Flag PatchUnder the 5-year rule, your rating is considered stabilized and cannot be changed unless there is a change in your condition’s improvement over time or if you made a complete recovery from your disability. The rating can be changed or eliminated if it was determined to be based on fraud.

The 5-year rule protects Veterans by not allowing the VA to assume that a service-connected condition has improved over time or that the Veteran has made a complete recovery. In some cases where this assumption was made, the Veteran had their benefits lowered or discontinued. The 5-year rule avoids this and does not require a Veteran to have their condition re-examined if they have received the same rating for their service-connected condition for at least five years.

Re-examination of Your Condition

The VA typically re-examines your condition within the first two to five years after your initial examination. A re-examination can also occur for the following reasons:

  • Material evidence that your condition has improved
  • Material evidence that you have made a full recovery from your condition

If you have had the same service-connected condition for certain periods of time, protections under specific rules will apply. In addition to the 5-year rule, there are also 10- and 20-year rules that provide rate protection for your disability.

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