Posted on Nov 14, 2013

As I wrote in my blog two days ago, the VA claim that is reducing its backlog is probably based on fudged numbers.  Now a article in today's November 14, 2013 Tampa Tribune reports that VA is not reducing the backlog because of increased VA productivity, but because fewer veterans are filing claims.  The VA actually decided 100,000 fewer claims that it had projected it would i nthe fiscal year just ending (this is with the VA working at desperation levels, with everyone working overtime and people that normally don't make original decisions writing such decisions).  However, it also received 275,000 fewer calims that in projected, so the reduction in backlog came not from improved processes, but from fewer new claims.  The Tamp Tribune points out that the VA is claiming that it has improved permance when in acutality, the same dysfunctional processes are in place and we will find the backlog growing again.  I for one believe that the backlog is going to be shifted to appeals, which will be harder for VA to deal with because appeals are more complicated, and their are fewer staff at VA for deciding appeals.