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Posted on Sep 18, 2013

Hearings Conclusions 

The Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs and the Special Committee on Aging indicated that the VA is not properly supervising non-attorneys and attorneys that represent veterans.  The GAO issued a report to Congress, entitled, VA BENEFITS: Improvements Needed to Ensure Claimants Receive Appropriate Representation (GAO-13-643) (August 30, 2013), says that the VA oversight of those accredited to represent veterans is lax. Read a copy of the report here.

GAO Report Released

In a follow-up letter to Secretary Eric Shinseki , the senators backed the findings of the new GAO report, which faulted VA for failing to strictly enforce its own ‘vague rules’ on accrediting private financial planners, attorneys, insurance agents, and others. The GAO also criticized VA for leaving itself open to abuses and for keeping our nation’s veterans in the dark about their rights.

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