Sean Kendall Veterans Law Firm
Posted on Apr 10, 2014

Congress needs to approach the problem of the VA backlog like they have approached failing schools. Regional Offices need to have performance goals for making (1) timely and (2) accurate decisions in veterans claims. If they do not meet these goals, then the staff needs to be fired and replaced, as is done with failing schools. There are Regional Offices in the country that meet performance goals, and these offices needed to be models for the offices that fail to make timely decisions.  Veterans are suffering from to many delays.

Sweeping legislation that has been proposed needs to include replacing staff at offices that do not perform.  There must be an incentive for government employees issue timely and accurate decisions.  This legislation should also target appeals teams, to ensure that the backlog of original claims is not reduced by shifting the backlog to appeals. Further, the legilslation should focus on the huge wait times that veterans now experience to get a decision from the Board of Veterans' Appeals 

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