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Posted on Dec 12, 2019

VA To Start Processing Blue Water Navy Claims January 1, 2020 - Act Now to Receive your Benefits


VA will process Agent Orange claims by Blue Water Veterans in January 2020

Blue Water Veterans are not currently eligible to receive their benefits for disabilities caused by Agent Orange, but VA will begin processing these claims on January 1, 2020 and it's important to get in line. 

The changes have been coming because of Court cases and a law passed by Congress.  Presumptive disabilities include diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, both associated and not associated with diabetes, ischemic heart disease (such as arteriosclerosis), and various forms of cancer.  Not all offshore ships are covered, and VA is going to fight some veterans on whether their boat or ship qualifies.  

Veterans who have filed previous claims are eligible for years of retroactive benefits, in some cases back to the 1980's. 

But you have to act now. Delays will occur and the line is getting longer; file your claims now to ensure a proper effective date.

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