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Veterans Benefits Handbook - Second Edition

Do you know that there may still be hope if you’ve been turned down for veterans’ benefits? Don’t settle for rejection when there may be another option.

Across the county, our military veterans must resume their civilian lives after they leave the service, and all of the challenges that may go along with this transition. Adjusting to new employment, relocation, and easing back into a civilian identity can be difficult after any period of military service. But when physical, mental, or emotional trauma due to military service becomes a factor, that transition may become nearly impossible for some.

Through his book, VA Benefits Handbook, attorney Sean Kendall and Timothy Franklin shares over 30 years of experience working with veterans’ law, compiling key informational tips to help you understand the complicated—and sometimes overwhelming—process of collecting VA benefits for your service-related injuries.

You can learn answers to common questions like:

  • What exactly does “unemployability” mean? Do I qualify, or could I find work somewhere else?
  • Can the VA make claims supporting “sedentary work” options, and what choices do I have about those claims?
  • What stipulations are necessary to justify a veteran’s disability benefits claim?
  • What are some of the most typical disability claims—and will I need legal assistance with them?

Sean Kendall and Timothy Franklin's VA Benefits Handbook also provides you with basic tips to understand the process of filing your claim, and how a decision to award or deny benefits is made. Read about some important questions to ask when looking for a lawyer to help you with your disability claim, what common mistakes should be avoided when filing a benefits claim, what to do if your claim in denied, and how surviving family members can be affected by a veteran’s disability, injuries, or death.

Sean Kendall Law represents clients from all over the country, handling VA disability claims cases in Colorado, California, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and other states. At Sean Kendall Law, any veteran from any military branch can seek legal help for a VA disability benefits claim.

This helpful guide can be yours by calling Sean Kendall or Timothy Franklin toll-free at 1-877-629-1712 or by filling out on online form. This book can be a beneficial starting point toward receiving the VA disability benefits you deserve.