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Sean Kendall

Benefits for Unemployed Veterans

A 2011 law offers up to 12 months of retraining assistance for veterans.  To qualify, a veteran must be

  • Unemployed;
  • 35 to 50 years old;
  • Other than dishonarable discharge from the service;
  • Not eligible for other educational assistance, such as the GI bill or Vocational Rehabilitation;
  • Not receiving individual unemployability for service connected disabilities;
  • Not receiving job training from a State.
  • Veterans that have used up a program of VA vocational rehabilitation but are unable to find a job may be eligible for an additional training from Voc Rehab under this program.

Current assistance is $1,473 a month, however, this program lasts only thorugh March 31, 2014.

Visit www.benefits.va.gov/VOW