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Is Gulf War Syndrome neurological or psychosomatic?  Although Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) or Gulf War Illness (GWI ) might be treated as a psychological illness, this may not be a mental health issue.  New information indicates that Gulf War Syndrome is a physical ailment caused by nerve gas exposure and other toxic environments. Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, along with Persian Gulf vets, may suffer debilitating and chronic conditions, such as fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive issue, rashes, etc. 

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Jim Moss 04/14/2013 01:11 PM
Gulf War Illnesses arose from effects the Immune system (probably direct) by the drug taken by the vets (PB pill) combined with pesticides, adrenaline, and an immune system activated by a mess of shots. Its the perfect storm if ingredients for causing autoimmunity. If you don't think such mundane things could make autoimmunity, think about the recent Nature paper that showed that plain old table salt can do it (by causing the same process inside T cells as the Gulf War combo does. Yea, for real.
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