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Veterans will only have to pay in-state tuition under the G.I. Bill Tuition Fairness Act.  If this bill passes into law some veterans stand to save up to 300% on their college tuition fees.
The current Post 9/11 GI Bill only covers tuition and fees at the in-state rate of public schools. Veterans attending an out-of-state public college are often required to pay the difference of any out-of-state tuition rates out of their own pockets. Our veterans served all 50 states so they should be able to choose the state school that best fits their educational goals without regard to whether they will receive in-state tuition or not.
The overall intent of the Tuition Fairness Act of 2013 to ease the financial burden for veterans pursuing a higher education is a step forward. A common hardship vets share is that of transition. Seeking a college degree is an excellent opportunity for vets to ease into their civilian roles while enriching their future employment opportunities. The choice of which educational institution to attend is an important decision that is to be made very carefully. Eliminating the potential hardship of paying extra out-of-state tuition and fees will help vets determine which school to attend according to their educational needs. With the support of the Student Veterans of America (SVA) and other advocacy organizations let us watch this bill move forward and become law.
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