Veterans No Longer Have to Rely on Snail Mail and Paper Forms to Submit a Disability Claim Before the VA.

The Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) is an online program aimed at streamlining the VA claims process. VBMS is a web-based, claims processing tool that seeks to reduce the alarmingly high wait times and bureaucratic errors that have long plagued the VA system.VBMS can digitize evidence and all forms that accompany a veteran's file, allowing for easy access to all of the documentation needed for a claim. VA employees no longer have to file requests for transfers of records or wait for forms to arrive from another VA office. With VBMS, the entire file is stored electronically, allowing VA officials quick and easy access to files. 

Currently, the VBMS system is only available in 18 offices. The VA plans to roll out the system to all 56 locations as soon as possible, but there is no doubt that the transfer process will experience some glitches and setbacks. Transitioning to a paperless system is a difficult and complex process, especially for the large bureaucratic apparatus that is the VA. While there is no doubt that this is a step in the right direction, the coming months and years may rife with roadblocks.

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