Doctor Talking to a Patient About His Prostate ImagingProstate cancer can often be connected to a Veteran’s time in service. Those with the condition and a service connection may qualify for VA disability benefits. There are various residuals associated with prostate cancer, and how the condition is rated depends on the severity and presence of the residuals. Our VA disability benefits lawyer explains more below.

Rating Prostate Cancer Residuals

After having prostate cancer, certain residuals can result from the condition. These include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Renal dysfunction

Once a service connection is established, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) rates prostate cancer depending on whether it is active, if the cancer is in remission, and the severity of the residuals associated with it.  

Residual Rating for Frequent Urination

Ratings for frequent urination are given depending on the amount of time between urinations and include:

  • 10 percent. Requires a daytime voiding interval of between two and four hours or awakening to urinate at least two times per night.
  • 40 percent. Requires a daytime voiding interval of less than one hour or awakening to urinate five or more times per night.

Residual Rating for Urinary Incontinence

Ratings for urinary incontinence are under Voiding Dysfunction. This category includes urinary incontinence, continual urine leakage, post-surgical urinary diversion, and stress incontinence. Ratings given for Voiding Dysfunction are based on the number of absorbent materials such as diapers or protective pads needing to be changed and include:

  • 20 percent. Requires wearing absorbent materials that need to be changed less than two times per day.
  • 40 percent. Requires wearing absorbent materials that need to be changed two to four times per day.
  • 60 percent. Requires using an appliance or wearing absorbent materials that need to be changed more than four times per day.

Residual Rating for Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a typical residual of prostate cancer. It is typically given a 0 percent rating unless a deformity or loss of a reproductive organ exists. In this case, an exception may be given, and the Veteran may be eligible for a Special Monthly Compensation for the loss of a reproductive organ.

Residual Rating for Renal Dysfunction

In addition, renal dysfunction can be another residual associated with prostate cancer and is rated from 0 to 100. A 100 percent rating is given if the Veteran requires regular dialysis or has symptoms such as persistent edema or decreased kidney function.

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