The VA backlog debacle continues."No veteran should wait to receive benefits that have been earned," Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki declared at yesterday's Veterans of Forgein Wars (VFW) convention. In his latest speech, Shinseki renewed his calls to drastically reduce the claims backlog that plagues the VA. Last year, however, he made a similar promise--and the backlog has only grown.

It has been a tough year for Shinseki and the VA, with Congressmen and women from both parties calling for the secretary's resignation. Yesterday, however, Shinseki pledged to stay the course and continue as secretary until the backlog issue is resolved. "The claims backlog is the reason I agreed to continue my service as secretary," Shinseki reiterated, "and we are not going to leave this for another secretary or president to deal with." 

Unfortunately for Shinseki, the backlog sits at a staggering 600,000+ claims, with many veterans waiting over two years on their cases. While the new electronic claims system had lowered the numbers somewhat and there is a provisional benefits service for qualified veterans, the issue is far from resolved.

If you have a questions about your particular claim, contact us. We have over 20 years of experience with the VA. Don't let the backlog push you away from fighting for the benefits you deserve.

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