Tips to Speed Up your Unemployability Claim

  • Seek assistance from an experienced veterans’ disability attorney to improve the strength of your claim.  The attorney should be a member of the National Organization of Veterans Advocates.
  • Provide as much evidence as possible when you file your claim, however do not delay filing your claim if it is taking time to submit evidence.
  • Submit a Disability Benefits Questionnaire to speed up the process from your own doctor.  Often VA doctors will out the DBQ forms for you.  Though they are not required to, it helps to ask.
  • Sign up for Ebenefits, the VA's online case management system.  It is highly inaccurate, but it does ensure you that your claim has been received.
  • Fax documents directly to the Regional Office.  A list of fax numbers is here.  
  • If medical records are not provided, include the address or other information for where the medical records may be found.
  • If you are using a private medical provider, provide the medical records if possible.
  • Read my Veterans Benefits Handbook for more tips.
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