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Increased Number of Post-9/11 Veterans Report PTSD Symptoms

The Wounded Warrior Project released its annual survey focusing on the physical and mental health of post-9/11 veterans. Out of 33,000 survey participants, 78% of them of them reported post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. That’s a 3-point increase in just one year.

What can you do if you are experiencing PTSD?

If you are a veteran suffering from PTSD—no matter when you separated from the military—it’s important to seek treatment to help you manage PTSD’s often debilitating symptoms. Talk with your healthcare provider or your local VA office to learn about available treatment options. If you are currently in crisis, call the crisis helpline at 1-800-273-8255 and select option 1, or click here to learn other ways to contact the helpline.

In the meantime, consider filing a compensation application with VA to have PTSD connected to your service. If your application is denied—or if you have had a denial within the last year—we may be able to help you appeal the decision and win service connection or an increased rating, just as we’ve done for many veterans. Call or email for a free case analysis.

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