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The results of cases at the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) have improved for veterans represented by attorneys and service organizations this year. In cases where attorneys represent veterans, so far in Fiscal Year 2015, only 9.5% of the cases where a veteran was represented by an attorney were denied. This number has gone down from 13.7% in 2014. This is impressive, when you consider the numbers for the more popular service organizations: American Legion (21.1%), Disabled American Veterans ( 18.1%), Veterans of Foreign Wars (23.1% - an increase from 2014), and State Service Organizations (24.3%, also an increase). The overall denial rate by the Board, including cases where the veteran has no representation, is 20.4%, down from 21.5% in 2014.

Most cases are still remanded by the Board, usually for a new medical opinion or to obtain missing medical records.  47.8 percent of attorney cases are remanded; compared to 47.5% of all cases.

The win rate for attorneys is an impressive 40.1% (up from 35.3% last year), compared to the overall win rate of 31.5%. Of the popular service organizations, the DAV and VFW have the best win rates, with 31.6% and 32.1%, respectively. Both of these numbers are improvements over last year.

Veterans without any form of representation before the BVA only win their cases 26.1% of the time, and nearly a third (31.1%) of such cases are denied.

Bar Graph of Win Rates in BVA cases

These statistics continue to show what a good idea it is for veterans, at a minimum, to contact an attorney for a consultation about their case. Call my office toll-free at (877)629-1712 to discuss how we can help you win your case before the BVA.

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