army veteran with PTSD helped by veterans benefits attorney Sean KendallAttorney Sean Kendall established service connection for an Army veteran with PTSD after a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (“VA”) Regional Office denied the veteran’s claim three times.

Jeff Witnessed Horrifying Events While on Active Duty

Jeff experienced some of the most horrifying elements of war. He saw the body of a fellow soldier who had committed suicide, recovered dead civilians, and remained on constant high-alert as he attempted to preserve his own life. He is still haunted by dreams and memories of his experiences.

When Jeff Applied for Disability Benefits, He Was Denied Three Times

It is within Jeff’s rights to receive benefits for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, when he applied for benefits, he was denied three times in a row. Each time, the VA Regional Office asserted that Jeff had not demonstrated that he was “disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service” (“service connection”), a pre-requisite for VA disability benefits.

That is why Jeff contacted Attorney Sean Kendall. Together, they appealed Jeff’s denial of benefits to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (“the Board”).

Sean Kendall Won Jeff the Disability Benefits He Deserves

With decades of experience, Sean Kendall knew exactly the type of evidence the Board needed to see to grant Jeff’s benefits. He skillfully drew the Board’s attention to new evidence, including medical reports and testimony, and won the case. Jeff finally became eligible for the disability benefits he was entitled to all along.

How You Can Win Disability Benefits for PTSD, Despite a Regional Office Denial

If you, like Jeff, have been unfairly denied your disability benefits, we encourage you to contact us. With decades of experience appealing denials and unacceptable rating decisions issued by RO’s, we are confident we can win you the benefits you deserve. When you are ready, send us a note or call us at (877) 629-1712 to discuss the possibility of an appeal.


Disclaimer: All names and places have been changed to protect confidentiality. All cases are different and results will vary depending on the facts. Call us at (877) 629-1712 to discuss the facts of your case.


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