What are the Symptoms of PTSD?

The symptoms of PTSD are wide-ranging. Some veterans may demonstrate aggressive behavior, while others appear passive and docile. Other PTSD victims shift moods rapidly, appearing angry at one moment and content the next.Veteran PTSD Lawyer Boulder CO

A lot of my clients have PTSD and, as a result, cannot work. Their symptoms make it hard to be around people, to concentrate, and even to be on time. They also have severe physical disabilities that prevent them from working. While many employers chalk this behavior up to an aggressive personality or laziness, the reality is that these occurrences are a direct result of the illness incurred because of their service.

It is important that employers, families, and the VA recognize that these veterans display these symptoms because they have served and protected our country. Medical records alone do not give a complete picture of PTSD. In many successful PTSD cases, employers and family members who witness the behavior of a veteran dealing with PTSD can offer the best glimpse of the day-to-day hardships these veterans face. 

Service-connected benefits for PTSD not only provide these patriots with a check, but also make sure these veterans have important access to medical care. It also lets those who interact with a PTSD veteran know that he/she incurred the illness in the line of duty, while defending our country. For these reasons and many more, veterans need to continue to come forward and file claims for PTSD. You are not alone and you deserve support for the sacrifices you have made.

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