K9s for Warriors helps put unwanted pets with veterans

K9s for Warriors is a non-profit organization that seeks to put unwanted pets with veterans.

This summer the organization hopes to raise $100,000 in order to place 10 more dogs with veterans suffering from PTSD and other combat-related issues.

Organizations like K9s for Warriors not only help veterans manage their day-to-day struggles, but also hope to stem the alarming suicide rate among veterans (one veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes). For many veterans, these dogs make them more comfortable in social settings and help deter suicidal thoughts. "Service canines for post-traumatic stress are like seeing eye dogs for the blind," their website states.

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Debra Sayre 11/07/2013 01:58 PM
I love the concept of your organization. Over 3 years ago, I made a similar suggestion to a dear friend who had previously fostered and helped to find good homes for Pomeranians, was then helping to find good homes for German Shepherds and larger dogs. I have contacted a good friend to alert her of your organization. Possibility, you both may benefit and help many more dogs and wounded warriors. Possibly this could help your fundraising and funds raised to serve many more in your endeavor to aid our warriors and their family who I am certain also benefit from these relationships that your organization is helping and hoping to build. Thank you for your efforts and if I may be bold as to ask - have you considered that $10,000.00 per dog placement, i.e., $100,000.00 to fund 10 new dog placements with our wounded warriors, is a pretty high price tag when there are so many shelter and other dogs who may also benefit from your program. By working with more of these shelter's, who could screen the dogs that they receive for the dogs that would meet your criteria, so that you may be able to curb costs in some areas and make more dogs available to more homes with our warriors. Just a thought to share
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