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A Congressional probe has been called upon, by 2 prominent GOP leaders, in order to investigate the accusation that the VA has sanctioned the purging of medical records in order to decrease the appearance of their backlogged veteran medical exam orders.

Last year the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that VA medical facilities had manipulated their electronic files in order to make it appear as if medical visits were being scheduled within agency initiated deadlines. The GAO report has recently been supported by additional information provided by a whistle blower, a former employee of a VA facility in Los Angeles, who came forward with his story on how he was ordered to electronically purge records against his better judgment.

It has been found that VA employees at veteran’s medical centers in Dallas had manipulated or destroyed 13,000 medical records and about 40,000 records were manipulated or purged in medical centers in Los Angeles. At first glance this could mean that veterans did not receive the medical care that had been ordered because appointments for follow up procedures were simply canceled. 

These are very serious allegations with potentially serious consequences for needy veterans, a congressional probe into this matter is certainly warranted. VA officials involved in these matters have been quoted as saying that the VA backlog problem is a “numbers game.” With further scrutiny it should become clear to the VA bureaucrats that no, the VA’s backlog problems are not simply a “numbers game” and cannot simply be addressed by computer manipulations. This backlog problem needs to be addressed in an honorable fashion. The VA may even be required to modernize their medical claim procedures. Clearly the VA will need to be supervised during their progression towards improvements by outside agencies, for clarity and objectivity.

If you, as a veteran, have suffered from a worsening medical condition as a result of incompetent care received at a VA run hospital or medical facility contact us, you may be able to gain financial compensation for your suffering.

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