Image result for new mexico va regional officeThere has been a lot of negative talk about veterans who are “double dipping” or “triple dipping” their benefits. The concern seems to center around the incorrect notion that disabled veterans are able to live luxurious lives by gathering benefits from multiple sources. That misconception bugs me because it’s simply not true. Arguably, there may be the occasional outlier who gets more than he or she supposedly deserves, but I have never seen it. In reality most veterans, even those who have a 100% disability rating, struggle to make ends meet.

VA Disability Benefits Alone Are Not Enough for Most New Mexico Veterans

Take New Mexico’s Tim Origer, for example. Tim (great name) is a long-time Santa Fe resident who courageously joined the Marines at 19 and, sadly, was permanently disabled by 21. While his life has been forever compromised by the loss of various body parts in Vietnam-era combat, the benefits he receives consistently amount to less than the average income in the United States. Once he pays his bills, there isn’t much left. Additional benefits, such as those provided through the Social Security Administration (“SSA”), would go a long way for Tim and many other disabled veterans.

Veterans Are Entitled to Both VA TDIU Compensation and Social Security Benefits

What many people don’t realize is that, not only is it possible to receive Total Disability for Individual Unemployability (“TDIU”) alongside disability benefits through the SSA, but the two forms of benefits are complimentary to one another. If you have been found unemployable by the SSA, you are more likely to be found unemployable by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (“VA”), and if you are found unemployable by the VA you are more likely to be found unemployable by the SSA. Therefore, veterans who qualify for one form of benefits should absolutely apply to receive the other.

You Deserve Both Types of Benefits

Veterans put their bodies, minds and lives on the line in service of this country. They perform tasks that no one else can, under conditions few would tolerate. Veterans like Mr. Origer absolutely deserve any and all of the benefits available to help make themselves whole again after service. Being forced to live with below-average income is simply unacceptable. TDIU Benefits Attorney Sean Kendall does not practice in the SSA field, but if you are seeking TDIU we can help. If you need a lawyer for both I have many colleagues that I may be able to recommend.

The Best Way to Win Your TDIU Claim

If you are a veteran who is unable to work due to service-related disabilities, you are entitled to disability benefits through both the VA and the SSA. Yet, due to the complexity of the appeals process, hiring an attorney is often the best choice. I have had the honor of representing many veterans from New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, California and many other states. If you are ready to make your claim, call me today at (303) 848-3911 or (877) 629-1712 and I will be a fierce advocate to ensure that you get all of the benefits you deserve. In the meantime, start preparing your claim using the tips I have gathered here

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