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Epilepsy is a potential side effect for veterans that experience a TBI in service.  Dr. Garga and Dr. Lowenstein report in a peer reviewed study that 5 percent of epilesy are caused by TBI.  In deciding TBI claims, the VA uses a complex rating forumla that looks of the effect of TBI on memory impairment, judgment impairment, social interation appropriateness, orientaton, motor activity, visual spatial orientation, subjective symtpoms that interfere with social and work life, neurobehaviral effects, communcation, etc.  Under this rating formula, only the most serious set of these symptoms are rated by VA, other symptoms are left unrated under the TBI rating code.  Epilepsy is a TBI symptom that should always receive a sepearte rating and diagnostic code assignment.  If a veteran has TBI which includes epilepsy, ensure that the veteran receives one rating for TBI and one for epiliepsy.  

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