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Looking at U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims docket for today, the last case for 2013 is 13-3587.  This is down 153 filings from last year.  The BVA statistics  published at the end of physical year 2013, show that the BVA is denying barely 10,000 claims, so its not a surprise that so few cases are going to the Veterans Court.  50 percent of the claims (20,000) are remanded by the Board for more development.  On remand, only 4,000 of those claims are going to be granted and the other 16,000 claims are going to automatically return to the Board.  Of those claims, the Board will grant 3,200.  The Board consistently grants 20-25% of the claims before it, so of the 20,000 remands from this year, there is going to be 12,500 denials by the Board.  Thus the appeals backlog is growing exponentially before the Board.  This has been going on for several years, and the backlog is already creating very serious delays at the Board.

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