Veteran Using a Laptop to Check Claim StatusWaiting for VA disability benefits to be approved can be frustrating, but knowing how to check the status of your claim or appeal can provide some peace of mind.

Options for Checking Claim Status

The easiest way for most Veterans to check the status of a claim is to visit the VA website and sign in with their DS Logon, My HealtheVet, or account. Use the “What Happens Next?” feature to see an estimated timeline for reaching the next stage of the process.

If you are unable to check your status online, you can also get information about your claim by visiting a local VA regional office or calling the VA’s national toll-free phone number at 800-827-1000.

Stages of Disability Claims

Knowing the stages of claim review can help you determine when a decision might be reached in your case.

  1. Claim received. Your claim has been received by the VA.
  2. Under review. A Veterans Service Representative is reviewing the claim to see if additional evidence is needed.
  3. Gathering of evidence. Any necessary evidence is being collected from the correct sources.
  4. Review of the evidence. All available evidence has been received and is being reviewed at the VA.
  5. Preparation for decision. The Veterans Service Representative has made a decision and is preparing documents explaining the ruling.
  6. Pending decision approval. The Veterans Service Representative’s decision is being approved.
  7. Preparation for notification. The VA is assembling information about your decision for mailing.
  8. Complete. The decision has been sent to you via US mail.

If the claim is denied, the next steps are:

  1. File a Form 9. Also known as a Substantive Appeal, this form escalates the claim denial from the regional level to the national level of appeal.
  2. Take the case to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. At a BVA hearing, an administrative law judge will either grant your claim, deny your claim, or remand your claim back to the lower level for continued review.
  3. Appeal to the US Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims. If you are unable to resolve your case with the BVA, you can appeal to the CVAC. This judicial review determines if an error in the law was made in the lower levels. The CVAC can affirm the Board’s decision, vacate the decision, remand the case back to the administrative law judge, or reverse the denial of your claim.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

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