Congress has decided as part of the budget deal reached this December 2013 to cut military retirees benefits.  Specifically, the cost of living increase for retirees will be reduced in the future.  This only is for retirees who received a medical disability retirement from the military.  Those that receive a retirement from the military based on points or 20 years of more of service are not effected.  The move is expected to save several hundred million dollars over the next decade.  Most military retirees who retire for medical reasons should also be receiving VA benefits in addition to military retirement, and if they are receiving more than a 50 percent VA benefit, there should be no offset of VA benefits from military retirement, under a program entitled Concurrent Receipt Disability Payments (CRDP).  Combat veterans that receive both VA and retirement also are eligible to receive Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) if VA benefits are received due to combat injuries, injuries sustained during combat maneuvers, or as a result of using an instrumentality of war.   

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