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Sean Kendall

Veterans Benefits Testimonials

Hear from some of the thousands of veterans I have represented.

Hi Sean, checked my mailbox yesterday and saw those two letters from the VA. I was almost afraid to open them.  Wow, the relieve that this matter is finally over, after 4 long years, is indescribable.  You can not imagine how thankful I am that I found you. Without you this VA decision would have never happened.  I can actually now go on with my life. There is a VA cemetery being build right here . . .  and now I can actually feel ok giving him a burial, you know he has been at home right here with me.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Take care of yourself and say hello to Adam

You are one of those people that make a difference.

Thank you,


D.P., Colorado.

A million thanks to you for all the things you did for us!  After fighting the VA for 25 years, I reopened this claim by myself and a private veteran who was fighting the VA also.  All of them was granted except me.  I believe in justice, that's why I never give up as long as I'm alive.  Ang again, thank you so much and God bless you and your family.  We already received the moneny. (Oct. 16)

William N. (Montana)