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Veterans Benefits Testimonials

Hear from some of the thousands of veterans I have represented.

     After waiting years and getting discouraged about not hearing information about my appeal case, I finally reached a settlement.
I would not think of going to an appeal without the legal skills and professional support of Tim Franklin.  Going before the DRO, I learned that I was employed at a job that paid more than the VA poverty level. Tim skillfully argued that I was a sheltered employee. After waiting over five years, I met with the DRO and was awarded seventy percent unemployability and retroactive pay of $151,000.00.

Tim Franklin flew from Colorado to Indiana to appear with me at the appeal hearing with the DRO.

Thank you, Tim Franklin at Sean Kendall Law Firm.
                         R. B., Gary, IN

Recently, our office was able to win retroactive disability benefits, as well as a 100% rating based on Total Disability Based On Individual Unemployability (TDIU), for a Korean War veteran named Charles F.

Charles is 81 years old and should not have had to wait so long to win his case, but the results were favorable after Attorney Timothy Franklin of our office took over, and we are proud to have represented this veteran on his VA case. Here is what he had to say in a recent letter:

"I want to let you know how much I appreciate your help in my appeals process. I tried for years on my own and was not successful, so that is why I hired you to help me. Many, many thanks."

If you are frustrated with the VA appeals process and need help obtaining the disability benefits you deserve, call the Law Offices of Attorney Sean Kendall today at 877-629-1712.

Charles F.

Attorney Tim Franklin at the office of Attorney Sean Kendall did a great job. I always got prompt replies to my calls and emails. He was good at explaining the issues with my case. My initial claim was denied and an appeal was filed immediately. Tim was great at explaining what would happen next and preparing me. Also, Tim always kept my expectations realistic. In addition, I had to move several times during my case but documents were always scanned and sent to me promptly. My case had a very positive outcome and I give Tim credit for that. Tim is backed up by an excellent team. They were all efficient, friendly, and very competent.  

I started my case in 2006 and tried doing it myself I was getting nowhere. I saw a fellow vet at the VA and we were talking; he gave me the number for [the office of Attorney Sean Kendall] So I called and within a day or so I received the appropriate documents for Timothy Franklin to work on my case. I had been trying to do it myself for over 6 years to no avail. In a couple months Timothy Franklin had a meeting in Washington, D.C., via satellite TV for me and him at the Federal Bldg. Attorney Franklin ripped into the judge and my case was awarded.

Timothy Franklin told me "We're not through, James" and appealed for a higher rating be cause I am totally disabled. Well, about six months later I was awarded the 100% service connection for all my injuries, mental and physical. I highly recommend this firm to all vets struggling with their cases. Timothy Franklin was kind, considerate and very professional he kept me informed and explained everything to me in detail so I could understand what was happening with my case.

J.D., Gulf War veteran in North Carolina

To veterans seeking benefits:
I am here to testify to how much help Sean Kendall and his team were able to provide both my husband and me with our VA disability benefits.  They were instrumental in helping us receive increased benefits and ultimately, un-employability benefits.  Sean Kendall and his team spent endless time on our individual cases.  Neither one of us could have done it on our own.  We were in great need of the expertise that Mr. Kendall provided in helping us achieve our VA benefit goals.  We both highly recommend his services if you find that you too have been fighting for the benefits you so richly deserve as a veteran of this great country of ours.  Thanks Mr. Kendall, and team, for your help and unselfish support.


Gary and Patricia, Wyoming

I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I was injured by an IED while in combat during the Marjah, Afghanistan multinational invasion in 2010. My wounds resulted in me being awarded the Purple Heart - but my real battle has been with the VA ever since returning home. Attorney Tim Franklin [at the law offices of Attorney Sean Kendall] has been there fighting for my due compensation for over two years now and I am very pleased with the results. Don't even think about taking on the VA without Attorney Tim Franklin representing and fighting on your behalf every step of the way!

Michael V., California

"It looks out of place to say, [but] I was a department secretary at the VA while Attorney Kendall was helping me with my disability application. I was homeless, my case had been pending for years, and I was not salaried. Attorney. Kendall turned things around, and I can't say enough for him." 

C.E., Michigan

"I had a bad discharge to overcome; the VA had turned me down two times. The results were more than I expected:  Sean Kendall got me service connected, with 80% for PTSD with anxiety and mental disorders, without getting a C&P exam. When everything is settled I will be rated 100%.

Sean Kendall and his team of professional people were outstanding. They never talk down to you.  They always return your call in a reasonable amount of time. I can't say enough about their office manager, Adam, who was never too busy to talk to me. Even though they have hundreds of clients, you feel like you are the only client they have. That was very important to me, to have someone to address my issues and explain it to me.

Sean Kendall’s law firm stuck with me like I was a family member down on his luck. They always told me the truth, good or bad; they never sugar coated anything for me. They kept me grounded; even when the good news started coming in, they never got excited. They walked on water for me; I still believe it was divine intervention when I found them.

I would recommend Sean Kendall’s law firm over anybody; they have over 25 years’ experience working with the VA and veterans’ issues; they are very passionate about what they do."

Donald F., Nevada

"'I'm a WWII veteran. I fought the system for over 30 years. Someone recommended Sean Kendall, and after doing business with him I think he's one of the greatest VA lawyers in the whole country. Anytime I needed any help with anything concerning VA, he always lended a hand to give me help. I'd recommend Sean to any of my Army buddies. I was fighting for my benefits for over 30 years and the D.A.V. couldn't help me, but I called Sean Kendall and he sure helped me. I'm amazed at how quick he got action."

Charles H., Florida

Hi Sean, checked my mailbox yesterday and saw those two letters from the VA. I was almost afraid to open them.  Wow, the relieve that this matter is finally over, after 4 long years, is indescribable.  You can not imagine how thankful I am that I found you. Without you this VA decision would have never happened.  I can actually now go on with my life. There is a VA cemetery being build right here . . .  and now I can actually feel ok giving him a burial, you know he has been at home right here with me.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Take care of yourself and say hello to Adam

You are one of those people that make a difference.

Thank you,


D.P., Colorado.

I would highly recommend Mr. Franklin, he explained his avenue of attack on my case to the Veterans Affairs. I felt he was sincere about what he could do with my case and why he felt that the law was not applied in this case. I felt that he gave options from past cases and never made statement just to set me up for disappointments. He reviewed my case history and the many times I had been mislead, he was always truthful with me and on occasions was not the information I wanted to hear. He continued to keep me informed, I made calls to his office he either talked with me at that time or promptly returned my calls when I had questions. When my case was finally settled it was very favorable in my favor, and ended a 12 to 15 year battle with the VA, I wish I had meet him sooner would had eliminated a lot of stress from my life. I have some friends that I will be recommending to him in the very near future.

Mr. G, Texas.

A million thanks to you for all the things you did for us!  After fighting the VA for 25 years, I reopened this claim by myself and a private veteran who was fighting the VA also.  All of them was granted except me.  I believe in justice, that's why I never give up as long as I'm alive.  Ang again, thank you so much and God bless you and your family.  We already received the moneny. (Oct. 16)

William N. (Montana)

I am a woman veteran who survived military sexual trauma (MST) in the late 1970s. I developed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the early '90s. I did not have the opportunity to file for disability benefits from the Department of Veterans' Affairs until 2001.  Like many women veterans, I was treated like an interloper, and my claim was denied repeatedly.  I became homeless for years, and suffered a great deal of hardship.  Along the way, a number of other representatives were involved in my case, to no good effect.

Mr. Kendall succeeded in getting me rated 50% disabled. Mr. Kendall did not give up on getting a full 100% disability(which I eventually won) I am very grateful to Sean for sticking with me and my case, and would recommend him to anyone needing a strong advocate as a survivor of trauma. Veterans' cases can be especially difficult, and he has done an extraordinary job of representing me.

C. E., Michigan

I struggled for years with the Department of Veterans Affairs to settle my claims. It wasn't until I started working with attorney Kendall that I finally saw results. He has helped me get more than one claim processed and a higher service connection rating. He is honest, knowledgeable, and professional.


S. R., Wisconsin

I had all but given up my appeal after three years of filing with the VA. I sought Mr. Kendall because I was getting nowhere with my case and I needed an expert on VA affairs. After many fillings he won a 70% disability rating and 100% unemployability rating for me. I strongly recommend that veterans seek his counsel.

D. S., Pennsylvania

Sean Kendall was very caring and wanted to help me with my case. What stands out the most was his expertise and experience. Sean Kendall took the time in answering all of my questions and he delivered results to my case in a prompt manner. I would tell a potential client that Sean Kendall is very caring and will do the very best he can for anyone's case.

S. M. C., Ohio

I recommend Sean to any/all Veterans that I speak to, who either don't know how to proceed, or their lawyer isn't as responsive, hard working, or considerate of their clients' needs as Sean is. I highly recommend attorney Sean Kendall. You will not be disappointed! I would still be fighting the VA, I'm sure, if it weren't for attorney Kendall.

(Vietnam veteran awarded nearly $100,000 in backpay and 100% disability rating.)

F. C., Massachusetts

A good lawyer and a good man. Highly competent, and had my welfare at heart the entire time we were working on the case together. 

(Awarded 100% benefits for PTSD in 2013, retroactive to 2011.) 

L.D., Colorado Springs, CO

The VA kept denying my claim over a period of 15 years. Sean never gave up, kept appealing back to Court, and attended hearings at the Regional Office and Board of Veterans' Appeals.  Finally, after many appeals, and Mr. Kendall's tenacity, in August 2011 the VA awarded me retroactive benefits back to February 1, 1989.  I received over $300,000 in retroactive benefits as a result of Mr. Kendall's work.

James W.

I suffered a head injury in the service and didn't know I was suffering the symptoms.  I had another head injury in a vehicle accident after service, and then finally realized that the changes I was suffering from, even before the second accident, were the symptoms of a head injury.  The VA denied me benefits for years, insisting that all of the TBI symptoms I had were from the car accident.  Attorney Kendall successfully guided me through two hearings before the Decision Review Officer at the local VA.  As a result, I now have a 100% rating from the VA, with an effective date that has allowed for a large cash sum of over $100,000. I would highly recommend attorney Kendall for representation of traumatic brain injury cases before the VA.


E.B., Denver, Colorado

My husband died in 1982. I fought the VA for 16 years by myself; they kept insisting my husband's death was not the result of his service-connected disability. Finally, in 1998, I hired Attorney Kendall. As a result of his fighting for me, I have service-connected widow's benefits with an effective date of 1992.  view case

L. A., Missouri

I was an ambulance driver in the Vietnam War. The VA insisted that this was a ‘rear area' job and that the things I did and saw had nothing to do with my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Attorney Kendall traveled to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and spent several days researching the history of my unit. He was able to prove to the VA that my ambulance was in combat, resulting in the VA's service-connecting PTSD for me.

D. W., New York

Thanks for everything you did to help me with my VA case. I really appreciate it.

(In 2006, received over $300,000 in back benefits from the VA.)

M.M., Minnesota