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Sean Kendall

National Work Que and Central Mail Processing for VA

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

National Work Queue - VA is creating a national work queue, whereby cases will be automatically assigned across the nation to another RO(s), if one office is backlogged.  A team of 12 to 15 VA officials is now in  place to develop rules and policies for distributing the cases. The national work queue is targeted to be  in place by March 2015. Appeals will go into a similar automatic queuing process in June 2015. At that point, individual offices will no longer forward cases; the national work queue will automatically make the determination. The goal is to maximize resources and distribute the workload.

Centralized Mail Processing (CMP) - Now in place in 42 offices, all 56 ROs are positioned to handle the  CMP initiative shortly. Veterans should be getting letters to mail and fax evidence and responoses to the VA to one of two centers.  The geographic dividing line is essentially the Mississippi, with a processing center in Georgia and another in Wisconsin. Any claim sent via fax or mail will be scanned as an electronic document within three days of receipt. Faxing is the preferred method to receive correspondence. There is no limit on the number of faxed pages and the sender should immediately receive a time/date stamped confirmation. 

Please check this link for where to send your evidence.  The two centers are:

Evidence Intake Center (Generally for veterans east of Mississippi, Europe)

PO Box 4444

Newnan, GA  30271-0020

Fax toll free: 844-531-7818


Evidence Intake Center (Generally west of the Mississippi, Canda, Central America, Phillippines and Mexico).

PO Box 4444

Janesville, WI  53547-4444

Fax toll free: 844-822-5246

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